Simplifying Manufacturing Challenges

by connecting to everything without vendor lock-in

What Our Solutions Look Like



Are you trying to improve plant operations, eliminate inefficiencies, increase production, or make other improvements?


  • Address issues data
  • Get real-time visibility into the plant floor
  • Drive innovation and better decision making
  • Stop to assess, get clarity, define some guardrails
  • Create a plan with a roadmap


The first project in a Digital Transformation is the most important.


  • Prove the value of the data, the team, the architecture
  • Thoughtful planning and execution
  • ROI within 3-6 months
  • Increase the value Digital Transformation journey


The value of mining the latent data in manufacturers is significant to solve near-term challenges. However, often manufactures don’t look farther out to solve even bigger, more valuable challenges.


  • How can you scale your IIoT solutions?
  • Where could that bigger, longer-term value come from for your company?
Bayer HealthCare
Universal Electric Corporation
Nordson Medical

Eliminate Inefficiencies, Maximize Plant Floor Production


Analytics pays back $13.01 for every $1 spent.

That’s $12+ for every dollar spent to put back into your growing business

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Ectobox is a trusted partner with a track record of providing value and great results for manufacturers on their Industry 4.0 journey. We frequently collaborate with Ectobox on projects because they understand data-driven manufacturing and architectural best practices.

John Harrington

Chief Product Officer, HighByte

Reduce Machine Downtime by up to 90%


Increase OEE by 30-50% in the First 6 Months

Improve Plant Floor Production and Quality

Eliminate Paper and Spreadsheets

Machine downtime analysis dashboard.

Why Choose Ectobox?


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Business Challenges First

We start any effort by focusing on the business challenge, not the technical/data challenge. This applies whether we’re starting a big digital transformation initiative, or a simple, single pilot project. We have seen too many companies try to get data from machines for the sake of getting data, and then get themselves wrapped around the axel. We start at the top, then work our way down to the data and tech. 

Flexible and Scalable Solutions

With our open technology approach, we won’t sell you proprietary technology; only analysis and solutions that will work for you. Because of this focus, we continue to beat out major players with the value, capabilities, and flexibility of our solutions

Industry 4.0 and Data-Driven Manufacturing

Emerging technologies, cutting edge software, and an Agile approach for implementing real-time visibility into the plant floor. We beleive that manufacturers should strive to become data-driven and compete not on labor costs, but on innovation and quality.

More Value Through Less Complexity

Our approach to industrial projects, technologies, and expert team enable us to create a system highly tailored to you. We deliver everything you need to solve your specific business challenge, and nothing more. Because of this, our solutions are less complex, less expensive, and more valuable.

Unified Namespace

A unified namespace provides an industrial-focused structure for data in the central data hub. This is where all machines and systems publish and subscribe to the data. This creates one single version of the truth, eliminates silos of data, and enables everyone and everything to benefit from the same accurate, real-time data.

What Our Customers Say


It is rare that one can partner with such a standout consulting organization like Ectobox. Ectobox ’s ability to balance our business needs with the technical challenges has made a dramatic difference in our overall success. Second to none in honesty and integrity.

Michael Cheselka

Director of Information Technology, NCS

Henry F. Teichmann inc.

HFT has worked with Ectobox for over 20 years. Ectobox has a reliable and well-established staff that can easily take the requirements for a project and turn it into a reality swiftly. Ectobox has helped grow our organization through consistent and industry appropriate solutions.

Tracy Hawkins

Director of Purchasing, Henry F. Teichmann, Inc.

Universal Electric Corporation

From project scoping and research through solution implementation, the consultants at Ectobox were thorough and deliberate each step of the way. Starline Service Group is now positioned to exploit new markets and have scaled.

Chris Meyer

Director, Field Services Division, Universal Electric Corporation

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