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Insiders View on Reducing CNC Machine Downtime

Insiders View on Reducing CNC Machine Downtime Exec Summary  A leading manufacturer of specialized metal products for the aerospace industry had significant challenges with visibility into their finishing shop. The issues were primarily around downtime and bottlenecks. They were having a negative impact on the plant’s production throughput, revenue, and on-time delivery. After a few conversations and a Digital 360 review, it was clear a […]

Two Ways to Improve Production Schedules

Two Ways to Improve Production Schedules We talk with a lot of manufacturers, especially high mix/low volume shops, which have challenges with their production schedules, and production scheduling boards. Typically, ERP systems don’t have great scheduling modules. Too often those production schedules are pipe dreams because they expect the world to be perfect…like an automotive […]

5 Steps to Solve Manufacturing Challenges with Manufacturing Iot

5 Steps to Solve Manufacturing Challenges with Manufacturing IoT How do we ensure we’re focusing on the true essence of the challenge at hand when looking at challenges on the factory floor? Manufacturing IoT can help. The answer is to “get back to the basics”. Whether it’s little league baseball or the major leagues, or […]

Equipment alarms and IIoT systems are really valuable, when used well

Did anyone ever tell you it’s better to “work smart” than it is to “work hard”? That idea applies in many contexts including running manufacturing equipment and the alarms on that equipment. My good friend Jay Kriner, CMRP, wrote this article on when to act based on alarms from the equipment, and the value of it. […]

Connect IIoT platform to CMMS?

Should we connect our CMMS to our IIoT platform? Would that effort provide us with valuable results? Yes…only if you keep a few points in mind. These points are honestly a reminder to stick to the basics. Note: Computerized Maintenance Management System is software systems used by Maintenance & Reliability teams to, among other things, […]

4 Best Sources of Data for IIoT solutions

Does your IIoT / Data-Driven Manufacturing (DDM) solution have good sources of data? Or are you considering these sources if you’re looking at IIoT? Too often we see very small, cheap IIoT solutions put in place that has nothing more than a CT sensor to pull data. They can usually get production counts and machine […]

Ectobox Announces Partnership with SensrTrx

Ectobox Announces Partnership with SensrTrx  Ectobox announces that they have become a certified partner of the SensrTrx manufacturing analytics platform. In the manufacturing world, visibility into the factory floor is vital. Without it, there is no way of knowing if a quality product is being produced or if it will be delivered to customers on […]