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Our open technology approach combined with a structured Unified Namespace, focus on solving the business challenges first, and more value through less complexity has helped our customers achieve great success. The result is real-time visibility for solving many plant challenges using a scalable and flexible solution. Clients often achieve 30-50% improvement in OEE within the first 6 months with our solutions, and the long-term value of the data in their company is priceless. 

  • Avg. Reduced Downtime – 67%
  • Avg. OEE – 82%
  • Avg. On-Time Delivery – 96%


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Answering your most frequently asked questions

How long have we been around?

Let’s simply say that we’ve been around the block a few times. Ectobox was started over 20 years ago and is growing. We started as a custom software development shop for manufacturers and other companies. We have since narrowed our focus and expertise specifically on manufacturing because we want to see manufacturing flourish in North America and in our local region. If you want to know more, feel free to connect and ask how Kevin’s father’s 1954 MG TF played a role in starting Ectobox.

How does pricing work?

The pricing depends on a number of factors including whether we’re using off-the-shelf solutions (often less expensive) or building custom solutions, whether we can connect to a software, PLC, or controller; and the type of business challenge(s) we’re trying to solve. Ultimately we find that many of the solutions we create have a full ROI within 3-6 months.

Can I connect to my machines to get the data automatically, without manual data entry?

Yes! At least that’s the idea. It really depends on the machines you have. We start by looking at how to get the data out of the machine, either via software provided with the machine, or PLCs and controllers that run the machine. If those aren’t available then we resort to RS-232, I/O, external sensors, and other means. The very last resort is providing a digital device for a person to enter data manually. Even then, we’re working with our customers to eliminate manual data entry.

How do Ectobox projects work?

We follow a logical and best-practice process of Plan, Pilot, Scale. The idea is that one should always:
Plan ahead before taking the first step to make sure it’s done right,

  • Run a pilot project to confirm the value of the data, confirm the solution works, and
  • Scale up the solution from there using the plans and learnings to date.

There is a lot more work and thought that goes into the process. If you want to know more feel free to reach out to have a short conversation.

What does Ectobox do?

Ectobox is an Industrial Intelligence Solutions company. We help manufacturers operate more efficiently and grow. We do that by connecting manufacturing machines, people, and data systems, pulling the data together into a single data hub and providing that data to people on the plant floor and across the company as needed so they can get real-time visibility into the plant floor and the company.

Another way of saying it is that we are an IIoT / MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) integrator, implementing off-the-shelf and custom IIoT and MES solutions for manufacturers in North America.