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Simplify Your Manufacturing Challenges by Connecting to Everything Without Vendor Lock-In

Ectobox doesn’t stop at simply gathering basic machine data, we’re your long-term partner to help you create a truly flexible and scalable, evolving solution.

Trusted by Innovative Manufacturers such as:

Bayer HealthCare
Universal Electric Corporation
Nordson Medical

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Manufacturers are struggling with…

Machine Downtime

Production Throughput & Capacity

Supply Chain Disruptions

A Limited Workforce

You’re Our Partner, Not Just a Customer

Our team is there to help you clearly define business challenges and create a digital strategy even if this is day one.

Because this isn’t a single project, data-driven manufacturing should change the way you operate daily.

We’ll help you create an agile solution without getting vendor locked by using only open, flexible, and scalable technologies.

Start small, think big. Solve short-term challenges, with the future in mind.

    Technology Should Mold to Your Business, Not the Other Way Around

    Off-the-shelf solutions are like forcing a square peg into a round hole.

    Many of these solutions are great for accomplishing simple, short-term goals. However, they lack flexibility, customization, and scalability.

    You deserve Better.

    Workers using a lathe in a machine shop.

    BREAKING NEWS: Square Pegs Don’t Fit in Round Holes

    If your end goal is basic machine connectivity, take your pick from the hundreds of options.


    If you want to digitally transform your business with organization-wide actionable insights, let’s keep talking.

    A Better Approach


    Our principles-based approach lets us mold the solutions to you with no bias and no proprietary technologies.


    Only the technologies that fit you and your business challenges.


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    Putting It All Together…

    Where does that leave us?


    With a truly personalized, flexible and scalable solution that follows these 4 rules:

    • Lightweight – Use technologies that won’t overload your network
    • Open-technology – Technologies that work very well with others, can be integrated with other systems easily, and are not limited to one proprietary stack of products.
    • Report-by-exception – Only report when there is a change. No bogging down the network with unnecessary information that hasn’t changed.
    • Edge-driven – Get information directly from the source- systems, machines, and people.

    End result? A Unified Namespace architecture that turns raw data into actionable analysis (see video for more details).

    Enough Talk, Ready to See An Example?


    See What Our Solutions Really Look Like

    Ectobox is a trusted partner with a track record of providing value and great results for manufacturers on their Industry 4.0 journey. We frequently collaborate with Ectobox on projects because they understand data-driven manufacturing and architectural best practices.

    John Harrington

    Chief Product Officer, HighByte

    What If We Only Know We Need “Something”…

    But Don’t Know Where to Start?


    No problem. These things aren’t always simple, and you want to make the right choices that truly make a big impact.

    (a GOOD big impact)

    We’ve got you covered.

    Before anything is set in stone, our expert team will inventory your business, and provide unbiased recommendations based on the way you operate today. 

    Watch the video to see how this process typically goes.


    Dive deeper into chemical manufacturing and industrial intelligence

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does this fit into what we currently have?

    Our solutions can fit greenfield and brownfield situations. What we mean by that is that we can connect to new machines that are just installed on a new network, or with nearly any device or machine that is on a network no matter how new or old the equipment is.

    Can this be done incrementally?

    Yes, that’s our preferred method of working on projects. Digital transformation is our strategy, not a single project. Therefore, we prefer to solve challenges one project at a time. We use the Vanilla Scrum project methodology to execute projects. This includes good project planning and requirements definition coming from the waterfall methodology. It also includes an iterative development process with sprint meetings and reviews from the agile development process.

    What kind of ROI can we expect from investing in an MES system?

    We never work on a project that isn’t going to have ROI. We always evaluate projects for the business problem to solve, the value of that business problem, and ensure that executing the project makes sense. One example is a simple project we did for a chemical company that reaped a 10x ROI in 1 year, which is not unusual for these types of projects.

    How do Ectobox projects work?

    We follow a logical and best-practice process of Plan, Pilot, Scale. The idea is that one should always:
    Plan ahead before taking the first step making sure it’s done right,

    • Run a pilot project to confirm the value of the data, confirm the solution works, and
    • Scale up the solution from there using the plans and learnings to date.

    There is a lot more work and thought that goes into the process. If you want to know more feel free to reach out to have a short conversation.

    How does pricing work?

    Typical initial projects fall between 30-70k. The pricing depends on a number of factors including whether we’re using off-the-shelf solutions (often less expensive) or building custom solutions, whether we can connect to a software, PLC, or controller; and the type of business challenge(s) we’re trying to solve. Ultimately we find that many of the solutions we create have a full ROI within 3-6 months.

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