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We are an industrial intelligence solutions company facilitating growth and efficiency in U.S. manufacturers. We believe that manufacturers should compete and win on innovation, productivity, and quality. Becoming a Data-Driven organization- connecting machines, people, and data systems. In our solutions we use open technologies, integrate data with a structured Unified Namespace, focus on solving the business challenges first, and drive more value with less complexity. The result is real-time visibility for solving many plant challenges using a scalable and flexible solution. Clients often achieve 30-50% improvements in OEE within the first 6 months with our solutions, and the long-term value of the data in their company is priceless. 

IIoT/MES Systems Integrator

Emerging technologies, cutting edge software, and an Agile approach for implementing real-time visibility into the plant floor. 


Digital Transformation Maturity Assessment: Inventory the business, roadmap, and pilot a project with a Digital Strategy for coordinated, connected technology solutions. 

Plant Floor Products

OEE/Downtime tracking, production scheduling, latest hardware and edge devices, and more; saves projectr time and accelerates production. 

Custom Solutions

Create best-in-class custom solutions that the ERP system can’t handle and integrate it into the single version of the truth.

Our Mission

Enable the future of data-driven US-based manufacturing that competes not on labor costs, but on innovation and quality. ​And provide manufacturers with the technologies, connections, and actionable analysis needed to thrive in a high-efficiency, high-quality digital future. 

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