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Improving efficiency and customer relationships


Pennatronics is a successful electronics contract manufacturer, specializing in printed circuit board assemblies, box build assembly, design engineering & customer repair management. They have been working to make employees more efficient and have better data with which to perform their work. There were multiple applications built to run various aspects of the business. Those applications needed to be upgraded and required new features to be added.

Pennatronics, electronics contract manufacturer.


Ectobox worked closely with a small team at Pennatronics to identify the required changes. Once identified, the changes were implemented, tested, and reviewed. During the review process there were additional tweaks made to ensure the changes perfectly suited their needs. Then the modified applications were released live.

Electronics Manufacturing.


Users at Pennatronics have realized greater efficiencies in performing their normal tasks with the applications. Additionally, is reviewing additional application changes to improve Penntraonic’s service to its customers.

Our Client’s Results

Our open technology approach combined with a structured Unified Namespace, focus on solving the business challenges first, and more value through less complexity has helped our customers achieve great success. The result is real-time visibility for solving many plant challenges using a scalable and flexible solution. Clients often achieve 30-50% improvement in OEE within the first 6 months with our solutions, and the long-term value of the data in their company is priceless. 

  • Avg. Reduced Downtime – 67%
  • Avg. OEE – 77%
  • Avg. On-Time Delivery – 91%


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Other Recent Works

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Machine cutting tool.

Mid-size OEM of compressors and welding/cutting equipment

Compressor OEM improved levels of service, equipment performance, and operational efficiencies.

Power supply manufacturing.


We need to track changes to the documents, and to check, modify, and close out the document changes.

Cable/Wire machinery.

Small Manufacturer, builds wire and cable solutions

Unplanned downtime has been reduced significantly, increasing asset utilization and revenue from that cell. 

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