What is IOT?

What is the Industrial Internet of Things?

Your enterprise assets and systems are a rich source of untapped data. The industrial Internet of Things enables you to access, analyze, act upon, and monetize that data. A flexible IIoT platform provides a number of ways to accomplish this—and greatly expands how to drive value from it. From optimizing what you make and how you make it, to transforming how you service and sell your products, there are smart ways to get more value—faster—from your industrial Internet of Things investment.

How IoT Works

How does IoT work behind the scenes? We pull back the covers and dig into how a company starts the journey of IIoT, how to start a small project, making important decisions especially at the beginning of the project, and then moving through the connectivity and solution development. This discussion uses a simple unplanned downtime example.

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Connecting Business with Industrial Internet of Things

The industrial Internet of Things gives manufacturers a level of access, perspective and knowledge they’ve never had before, but several challenges stand in the way of implementation.

This eBook will guide you through the benefits of connecting business processes and applications with the IIoT, as well as how a holistic, turnkey solution from the powerful partnership of PTC and Microsoft is helping companies turn the IIoT into a gold mine of actionable data.

Discover how the IIoT can help manufacturers optimize equipment to perform better, and why a global cloud platform provides a foundation for success.

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