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Improve your operational efficiency and lower costs with Ectobox’s smart technology, platforms, and applications.

Software is complicated, constantly changing, and there are many choices. So using the right data and software is critical to your company’s operation.

Our team of senior software consultants and developers helps you to operate more efficiently and grow—whether developing custom software or swooping in for software rescue or performing a comprehensive Digital 360 Operation Review.

Business Held Back by Software?

Businesses struggle with software that no longer fits their operation and they’re losing agility in new, fast-paced markets.

Custom or Off-the-Shelf?

How to know when you should write custom software or if buying existing software is the best option.

Legacy Software and No Support?

Do you have custom software and no one to support it?

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Ectobox specializes in customized Microsoft .NET and SQL server software development and Microsoft Power BI business intelligence services for Data-Driven businesses in manufacturing, construction, and professional services industries.

New Software

We offer custom software applications and can integrate multiple applications and databases.

  • Web, desktop, mobile platforms
  • Microsoft .NET, ASP.NET MVC, SQL Server, Azure, and Xamarin technologies

Existing Software
We can rescue legacy custom software applications and develop plans to resolve performance issues.

  • Fix bugs
  • Troubleshoot
  • Add new features

If you already have an internal software team, we seamlessly integrate with your staff to form a new team to improve software quality and implement industry best practices.