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Ectobox MES

Features & Capabilities Base Platform 

  • Production Line Status for Operator
  • OEE Dashboard 
  • Downtime Dashboard 
  • Quality Dashboard 
  • Work Order Management 
  • Admin/Setup 
  • Process data for analysis 
  • 1-2 Machines in 1 Plant
  • Up to 1,000 tags

Additional Options 

  • Connection to additional machines/equipment
  • Additional Tags
  • Process Analysis 
  • OEE Trends 
  • Quality Trends 
  • Alarms and notifications 
  • Batch and recipe management 
  • Scheduling 
  • Integrations with ERP, CMMS 
  • BI (Business Intelligence) dashboards
  • Cloud data integrations with AWS and Azure 

Base Platform & Features Starting at $28,000+

Examples of MES/IIoT dashboards.


  • Flexible, scalable IIoT platform built on Ignition 
  • Unified Namespace: event-driven data hub and ISA 95 plant data model 
  • Connectivity to any manufacturing machine or equipment
  • Process historian with data analysis 

Technologies Base Platform 

  • IIoT Platform – Ignition 
  • MES Box – Starter kit from Ectobox, developed in Ignition 
  • MQTT Data Broker – Misquitto 
  • Database – SQL database 
  • Process Historian – Canary Labs with Axiom visualization tool 

Additional technology Options 

  • Ignition – additional modules and capabilities 
  • SepaSoft – additional MES capabilities on Ignition 
  • Data Ops – Intelligence Hub from HighByte 
  • Data Prep for Analysis – Flow Software 
  • BI – Power BI, Tableau 
  • Cloud data integrations 
  • Hosting 
    • Containers – Docker with Kubernetes 
    • FactoryStack 

* Above technologies have been selected based on principles-based Minimum Technical Requirements (MTR). Other technologies can be used if they fit the IIoT Platform and MTR. 

Implementation Process

1. Planning

  • Overview of the prospective company & situation
  • Clarify the business challenge
  • Confirm solution/Gather details 
  • Site Survey  or DTMA (on-site) (situational)
  • Firm up investment/Purchase 

2. Execution

  • Project launch 
  • Success meetings throughout the project 
  • Design meeting 
  • Install/configure tools 
  • Connect to machines, collect and store data 

3. Test and validate (on-site) 

  • Commission (on-site) 

4. Post-project follow-on work

  • Training 
  • Success follow-up 


* Pricing does not include travel. 

**The project will have strict standards for the involvement of team members, response times, and access to the network and plant for an efficient project. Any additional time required to spend on the project will be billed as a change order. 

Improve downtime, quality, and throughput on the plant floor by implementing modern manufacturing intelligence solutions.

Get Only What You Need. Nothing More, Nothing Less.

  • Get only what you need, never pay for excessive functionality
  • Add anything you want, no limits 
  • Get results in 1-3 months 
  • Fits your unique plant 
  • ISA 95 Standard 
  • Flexible and scalable 

Flexible and Scalable Solutions

With our open technology approach, we won’t sell you proprietary technology; only analysis and solutions that will work for you. Because of this focus, we continue to beat out major players with the value, capabilities, and flexibility of our solutions.

More Value Through Less Complexity

Our approach, technologies, and expert team enables us to create a system highly tailored to you. We deliver everything you need to solve your business challenges, and nothing more. Because of this, our solutions are less complex, less expensive, yet more valuable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I Want a Feature that isn't Listed?

Many companies have paper and spreadsheets and typically start with OEE, downtime, work order management, and scheduling; if that’s where you’re at, start there, then when the solution proves valuable it’s time to extend the solution with additional capabilities. 

If you still need X feature, no problem…most likely, we can add it. Let’s discuss what you need. Adding the feature to our system will likely be far less expensive than OTS. 

Is it Faster to go with an Off-The-Shelf Solution?

Actually, building an MES solution incrementally with an open architecture allows you to get to value far faster. You can select the right problem to solve, define your Digital Strategy and Architecture, and have the first solution with Architecture in place faster than it’ll take for the IT department to simply select the off-the-shelf MES let alone start to implement it. 

How Long does an Initial Base Platform Project Take?


Initial projects with the base functionality listed are typically completed within 4-12 weeks.