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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Software Solutions

Pharma Manufacturing Software

Stop wasting expensive production hours by ignoring the data you create daily.

Use it to improve process efficiency, reduce downtime and re-blend, maintain quality control and compliance, and more in this highly competitive, highly regulated industry.

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Chemical manufacturing plant.

Unlock Your Hidden Factory

Unlock your wealth of untapped data. Pharmaceutical manufacturers are heavy on machinery and equipment; Evaporators, Mixing tanks and vats, heat exchangers, dryers, humidity and temperature control machinery that are all producing an abundance of data on a daily basis.

However, many companies simply don’t have the solutions in place to get access to their own data. Once you do, you unlock your hidden factory, full of information and actionable analysis to guide you in making data-driven decisions to get the most out of your plant.

Digitize Formula/Recipe Management


Track and Maintain Regulatory Compliance

Reduce Batch Re-blend

Track & Improve Batch Quality

Reduce Downtime with Predictive Maintenance

Achieve the Golden Batch by Tracking Processes

solve real business challenges

Which production challenges are relevant to your plant? 

Ectobox’s solutions can improve quality control by monitoring production processes in real time and collecting critical data for analysis.

Solutions can enhance safety compliance by ensuring that processes are executed according to established safety protocols.

By providing real-time visibility into production processes, our solutions can also help minimize downtime, reduce waste, and optimize efficiency.

Ultimately, our solutions help pharmaceutical manufacturers remain competitive in a highly regulated industry while maximizing productivity and profitability.

Chemical manufacturing tank.

Pharma Manufacturing Software that Molds to Your Business

Not the other way around

Because that’s the way it should be

Don't pay for functionality you don't need and won't use

Choose one feature, or use them all. Our solutions are 100% based on your unique needs and challenges.

Say goodbye to paper and Excel

While Excel is a great tool that we all use, its capabilities aren’t fit for real-time reporting in a modern manufacturing environment.

See what's happening across the plant in real-time

No more spending half your day walking the plant floor and making calls to get the information you need.

Own your solution

Don’t get stuck in a long contract and end up vendor-locked by choosing a proprietary off-the-shelf software solution.

Ectobox is a trusted partner with a track record of providing value and great results for manufacturers on their Industry 4.0 journey. We frequently collaborate with Ectobox on projects because they understand data-driven manufacturing and architectural best practices.

John Harrington

Chief Product Officer, HighByte

Uniquely Tailored to You. The Solution You’ve Been Looking For, For a Fraction of the Price.

OEE Dashboard

Track and Improve Equipment Availability, Performance, Quality, and OEE.  

Real-Time Plant Floor Visibility at Your Finger Tips.

Chemical Dashboard

Looking for a different feature or metric to track and digitize?

Don’t worry – Our top-notch team of engineers, solutions architects, and custom developers are capable and ready to listen to your needs, and build a solution truly unique to you, to help attack any plant floor manufacturing challenges or inefficiencies you may have!

What a Solution May Look Like…

Potential Built-For-You MES solution with best-in-class technologies.

= Your Custom Solution, Molded to You, Architected by Experts.

Want to Check Out an Example?

Check out one of our Case Studies

Image of two production workers at a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant.

Tier 3 Pharmaceutical Supplier

Improving Production Processes with Real-Time Data

Keeping it Simple.

Start small, think big, and move fast.

Don’t know where to start? We’re here not just to build, but also to help guide you in creating the best software solution for you, with the quickest time to value.

By ignoring all the fluff you don’t need and didn’t ask for, our team can build fast, and keep it very easy to use so that your team can learn and leverage real-time data on day one!

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Choose a date & time convenient for you, and our experts will be there.

It is rare that one can partner with such a standout consulting organization like Ectobox. Ectobox ’s ability to balance our business needs with the technical challenges has made a dramatic difference in our overall success. Second to none in honesty and integrity.

Michael Cheselka

Director of Information Technology, NCS

HFT has worked with Ectobox for over 20 years. Ectobox has a reliable and well-established staff that can easily take the requirements for a project and turn it into a reality swiftly. Ectobox has helped grow our organization through consistent and industry appropriate solutions.

Tracy Hawkins

Director of Purchasing, Henry F. Teichmann, Inc.

From project scoping and research through solution implementation, the consultants at Ectobox were thorough and deliberate each step of the way. Starline Service Group is now positioned to exploit new markets and have scaled.

Chris Meyer

Director, Field Services Division, Universal Electric Corporation

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