We perform a detailed analysis of your operations, looking at all aspects and circling back to see why you may be hampered by software systems that no longer fit and why you’re losing agility in new, fast-paced markets.
Our unique process provides business owners and leadership with a way to make the right decisions on what to do with their software systems to not only get business back on track but help it flourish.

Our Digital 360 Operations Review will help your company run more efficiently and increase revenue. By creating a vision and implementing a strategy for how to use software to automate and grow your business, you will:

  • Stop losing money from mistakes made by staff with manual processes
  • Eliminate the never-ending flow of paper and Excel to run the business
  • Make smarter decisions on what technology to use
  • Prevent failed software selection and implementation projects.

Our process is backed by years of experience in software and data systems, running businesses in multiple industries, and myriad successful project implementations.


Work with the leadership team to understand the business and culture as well as the current challenges.

Dig into the details on the software and data systems, as well as other critical parts of the business.

Document findings and provide analysis.

Make recommendations and develop a roadmap for implementing the solutions.

During our free initial consultation, we learn about your unique business challenges, review our process in detail, and discuss options for how we could help in order to determine if we are a good a fit.

If you believe we are, we delve further into identifying your business goals, as well as your current state and preferred future state of the business. We then customize our approach to fit your business for the most valuable results. Our team approach sets up the project for success, on-time and on-budget.

We are trusted advisors who enjoy problem-solving and can provide software solutions. So, if your business is hindered due to software that no longer fits, expensive mistakes from manual processes, and there is no clear strategy for how to remedy the situation—call us for a free consultation.

Other software companies try to offer similar services, however, they frequently do not possess the depth and breadth of experience to achieve the results that we can.

Custom Software development

If you’re a small or midsize business, your data and operations software may be stuck between a rock and a hard place: between the basic office suite software (spreadsheets) you’ve outgrown, and the enterprise solution that you can’t afford.

With Ectobox’s custom software development services, you receive two services in one. We perform an expert assessment of the business problems you are trying to solve, and then provide the software to solve them. Whether you have a project gone wrong that needs a rescue, or are considering a brand-new project, we custom fit the solution to your company.

Software Rescue

Our experienced and engaged team of software-rescue experts and system integrators is dedicated to helping businesses improve efficiency and grow their business with custom software support.

If you find your custom software and IT projects not working as you hoped—whether the platform is not scalable, the code is in disarray, or it just does not meet expectations—we can come in and get your business operating at peak efficiency.

Data Integration

One of the toughest challenges for any operation is facilitating the movement of data from one application to another.

Businesses are often missing opportunities for achieving optimum performance by operating with older software or systems that are weak links in their workflow.

Ectobox has the expertise to seamlessly integrate all points on the data stream.

Software Selection

Making informed decisions when planning for software selection is essentially putting the right cart before your horse. Each type of management system offers advantages that fit with various aspects of an operation. So many logistical factors come into play.

We can devise the best strategy for implementing the right-fit software—custom or off-the-shelf—to optimize your project management goals and create a plan for maintaining it in the long term.

Business Intelligence

Many businesses suffer from data issues rather than software issues. Their processes are working fine, but they lack a comprehensive strategy that integrates the data flowing within each operational area into reports, dashboards, and business intelligence platforms to support smart business decisions. This Data-Driven approach arms companies with the best set of actionable metrics.

Ectobox’s Business Intelligence services review a company’s data environment and create the appropriate reporting and analysis solutions.

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