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Valuable Insights from a Digital Transformation Maturity Assessment (DTMA)


Nordson Medical, a division of Nordson Corporation ($2.1B), has plants operating with the same technologies and challenges many manufacturers have. The plant uses manual processes, spreadsheets, and paper to extract and communicate information. There are a number of excellent data systems in place. However, they are silos, disconnected from one another. Therefore, the company lacks sufficient data for making real-time decisions.

The company has a digital transformation initiative to do more with what they have, and get more and better data to drive decisions. The plant and strategic teams know there are multiple opportunities for improvement. However, the question was where to start. Additionally, the company needed a team to come in from the outside with Industry 4.0 strategy and technology experience to assess, provide clarity and guidance with a roadmap for the future of the digital transformation, and start the process with some pilot projects.

Medical equipment manufacturing worker.


Ectobox conducted a DTMA (Digital Transformation Maturity Assessment) which focuses on understanding how the business and manufacturing operates, assessing how the company uses intelligence (data they have and use, data they don’t have, and data they need), and guiding and assisting the company with their launch of the digital transformation initiative.

Medical equipment manufacturing executive checking out operations on the plant floor with a laptop potentially as a digital transformation initiative.


Ectobox coordinated the DTMA project with the team at one of the company’s Lighthouse plants, conducted the meetings, plant tour, document reviews, and other activities with multiple departments, and provided feedback through discussions with leadership, a DTMA report, roadmap, and more.

Leadership reported the process was really valuable and is using the results to make informed decisions on the next steps in the digital transformation process. Some of the results confirmed what they already knew. Other results provided new insights, highlighted the best potential pilot projects to start the digital transformation, and helped elevate the culture and interest in the plant around digital transformation.

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