Another 4 Qualities of Top Software Development Firms

In this post we discussed 4 qualities of great custom software consulting firms. Here is another set of 4 qualities to consider. Use these when evaluating your prospective software development companies for upcoming custom software projects.
5) Seniors and juniors
Do the software consulting companies with which you’re talking have senior developers on projects? Do they have any senior developers on staff at all? If not, run for the hills.
There should be senior developers (7-10+ years and very good at consulting) on projects. They have the experience, among other things, to make the appropriate design decisions, can have the tactical and strategic discussions with client stakeholders, and lead and coach junior developers to ensure they’re learning and growing and doing the right work in the project. They’re the leaders in the projects, along with product owners and project managers.
6) Ethos of improvement
Does your prospective software vendor talk about the company constantly improving itself as it learns and grows? Do they talk about individuals in the company doing that as well? Is it a part of their culture to learn and grow? It should be.
7) Personal responsibility
How many times have you seen this situation?…where people working on any kind of project will point the finger as someone else when something goes wrong, throw bad work over the wall and hope someone else cleans up after them, or they’re like the kids in the old Family Circus comic strip saying, “Not me!” (as in, “It wasn’t me that broke the vase.”).
You obviously don’t want that. You want your software consulting company vendor to have team members that take ownership of their work, take pride in what they do, and want to do a great job and constantly add value.
8) Collaborative
Working on complex projects in a collaborative fashion is very important and valuable. Better work gets done faster when team members have a natural tendency to collaborate within the team and also with their client.
Does your software vendor team have this collaborative tendency? If not, that should throw up a red flag.
Consider these 8 qualities of a potential software consulting firm. Are they present? It’s hard for all of them to be present in a company. If most or all are, you can be better assured they’re going to be a good long term partner to get the right work done.