Two Ways to Improve Production Schedules

We talk with a lot of manufacturers, especially high mix/low volume shops, which have challenges with their production schedules.
Typically, ERP systems don’t have great scheduling modules. Too often those production schedules are pipe dreams because they expect the world to be perfect…like an automotive manufacturer that has near complete control over supply chain, machine uptime, workforce, etc. You probably don’t have that level of control.

There is hope, don’t lose faith!

There are two ways to get better, more accurate production schedules.

Accurate Cycle Times – Having accurate cycle times and very good data on the job setup and changeover times for jobs helps immensely in improving estimates for jobs so you lose money less often on jobs. This data also helps more accurate predict the actual time it’ll take for the job to move from station to station through the shop.

Actual vs Planned – Data should be available from your systems for how well the production schedule performed. This data should also be available real-time, no waiting for someone to manually calculate and analyze actual vs. planned to provide a report. When this real-time data is available performing a post-action review on your production schedule your team can get a lot of valuable lessons for how to improve the production schedules.

Do you have this kind of data above available to you? I hope so. If not, look to your IIoT/Manufacturing Analytics product. These should be out-of-the-box capabilities. Additionally, the IIoT/Manufacturing Analytics solution should also integrate well with your ERP system automatically share the data. We help with these kinds of situations all the time. Call or email anytime, happy to see if we can help.