Your Situation

We talk with manufacturers and we hear about a lot of challenges. Do you have similar issues?

  • Downtime and machine availability: don’t know what are the biggest causes of downtime
  • Setup and changeovers: who is best at it? Not sure if it’s causing too much downtime
  • Production Capacity & Throughput: not where it should be
  • Manual data entry: data is old, inaccurate, and insufficient
  • Cycle Times: don’t have accurate numbers for better estimating and quoting
  • On-Time Delivery: Poor estimating and inefficiencies let alone difficult scheduling causes delays
  • Scrap / Rework: don’t have a solid grasp on amount and cost
  • Lack of visibility to the plant floor: I don’t know what’s going on unless I’m on the floor every minute
  • No data for Root Cause Analysis: can’t troubleshoot issues and find the root cause

A manufacturing analytics solution like SensrTrx will provide the visibility needed into factory floor.

How It Works

Real-Time Visibility into the Factory Floor, Remotely

SensrTrx one day implementation can provide real-time visibility into the factory floor, remotely. It takes all of the data on the plant floor and makes it immediately understandable and accessible. Then you know exactly how the plant floor is running.

Use Manufacturing Analytics to Stop Problems as They Happen

SensrTrx manufacturing analytics solution gives you everything you need to gain visibility into how your machines perform, including predictive monitoring.

  • Real-Time OEE
  • Scrap/Quality by Reason Codes
  • Downtime by Reason Codes
  • Real-Time Alerts
  • Real-Time Scoreboards & Overhead Displays
  • Preventive maintenance temperature, vibration, and velocity dashboards
  • Correlate process data with downtime, scrap
Manufacturing Analytics software interface

Use Manufacturing Analytics to Drive Decision-Making

Real-time, accurate data always available in SensrTrx for decision-making:

  • Actual vs. Target Reporting
  • Utilization
  • Downtime by Reason Code
  • Scrap by Reason Code
  • Real-time Displays
  • Real-time Alerts
  • Automated Reporting
  • And more…

Reduce Downtime

You can determine the What, Why, Who, and When of all your downtime with a good manufacturing analytics platform. SensrTrx gives you the power to track availability and all downtime by reason code directly from the PLCs and operators. 

Calculate Impact of Losses

Use SensrTrx to quickly and easily quantify the financial impact of losses.

  • Availability Loss Cost
  • Quality Loss Cost
  • Performance Loss Cost
  • Total Loss Cost

Win the Day

Operator screen, accountability

As data is processed by SensrTrx, it is automatically contextualized with the EXACT information needed to understand your schedule, quality, throughput, and performance.

Another page inside Sensrtrx manufacturing analytics software program

Connect to Any Machine, Legacy or New

Connecting to new and old machines alike isn’t a problem. We use noninvasive, wireless sensors and gateways for older machines plus the latest tools to connect directly into any PLC or CNC controllers to get data using 100+ protocols.

Sensrtrx Manufacturing Analytics package

Root Cause Analysis

Use a manufacturing data analytics tool like SensrTrx to solve problems with RCA (Root Cause Analysis) so you can eliminate inefficiencies and increase production

  • Pareto charts
  • Flexible dashboards
  • Pivot data analysis
  • Wealth of raw and calculated data

Eliminate Manual Reporting

The clipboards and spreadsheets can be a thing of the past. Getting data from machines and operators using an easy-to-learn operator interface gets data into the manufacturing data analytics system. Let operators focus on what they are paid to do, operate the machines to optimize production and quality.

Display Data Across the Plant

The whiteboards and bulletin boards can go away, replaced with big TV screens displaying real-time, accurate, and relevant data about plant operations. Connectivity to a TV is easy; you can do it yourself and don’t need expensive TV display products.

Flexibility to Individualize SensrTrx

Customize to your needs and design the software to work for you

  • Custom Fields
  • Custom Calculations
  • API Integration
  • Custom Rule Creation

Additional Products

Mobile App

A mobile app is available at no additional charge. The app enables you to not be chained to your desk and instead get out on the plant floor or see how operations are doing while outside of the plant altogether. You can receive any alerts and notifications you set. It also gives you access to data about your operations and machines.


Scheduling Module

Remove the complexity of scheduling. Track how close production is to the schedule, in real-time, and enable operators to know what jobs to work on and where they stand at any given time. Schedules can be imported into or integrated with the SensrTrx manufacturing analytics solution.


How do you get started with SensrTrx?

Manufacturing companies want solutions…solutions that deliver manufacturing data analytics. However, they have enough on their plate already and don’t need another project they have to put in place on their own. They also want the solution to simply work and provide value from Day 1.

We have a unique process to ensure:

  • Focus on achieving overarching business goals and challenges
  • Install in less time than comparable solutions
  • Achieve ROI in 3 months
  • Provide a foundation which can be scaled up quickly

We can do this with a unique and proving process, along with a full set of services to put the solution in place quickly, efficiently.


After the solution is in place the needs of manufacturers will vary. Some don’t want to be bothered and will do as much as they can on their own. Others don’t have time to make changes to a dashboard or add a new machine.

Therefore, support at any level is available, from the quick answer to a How-To question, creating new dashboards, setting up and adding new machines, or even integrating with an ERP system.

Our Unique Process

Throughout our process we emphasize:

  • Communication – Communicating with you throughout the project with Weekly Success Meetings. You always know where the project is at and coordinate closely with your team.
  • Full Service – We not only provide the product, but also the services and expertise to setup, train, configure, and launch the project. We’ll also help with installing the hardware and getting it connected to SensrTrx. We don’t want customers to struggle, we want every project to be a success.
  • Coaching – Training you and your team to understand, configure, and use the solution for the long term so you don’t need to rely on us for every little change if you don’t want to.

You’ll have dedicated people from our team including an IoT Engineer and Project Manager, each with many years of experience.

  1. Site Survey
  2. Project Launch
  3. System Overview
  4. Administrator Training
  5. Hardware Installation
  6. Operator Training
  7. On-site Support and Go-Live
  8. Dashboard Training

Throughout the implementation project we require Weekly Success Meetings to ensure all work is progressing as needed, we coordinate how to handle any bumps in the road, and we ensure we all end on-time and on-budget.

Predicitive Monitoring

Predictive Monitoring

Enable better machine uptime and reliability with condition-based monitoring and preventative maintenance. Setup condition-based monitoring of your assets by letting the system monitor specific conditions and alert you as needed. Track usage of equipment for and trigger work orders or other activities when usage limits are reached.

ERP and CMMS Integration

Create smoother, better coordinated operations by connecting your data systems together. Have a manufacturing data analytics platform like SensrTrx automatically receive schedules from the ERP system, or sent production and quality data to the ERP. Trigger work orders to be generated in your CMMS. The very flexible API enables SensrTrx to be integrated with nearly any software/data tool available.

Ready to get started?

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