Production monitoring Starter Kit

A Quick Installation Product that is Simple to Use and Gives Manufacturers Real-Time Visibility into the Factory Floor

Production Monitoring Starter Kit

This product is designed to provide visibility into the factory floor with real-time production, machine availability, and machine downtime data.

It works really well with single-piece flow manufacturers in mind. Connect and start getting production counts and machine uptime/downtime data instantly.

  • Parts on conveyor belts
  • Industrial printers
  • Parts moving down shoots
  • Parts moving between machines around a cell
  • Presses
  • Wire cutters
  • Many others

Pilot Project in a Box

A key to using Data Driven Manufacturing / IIoT in your company is to Think Big, Start Small, and Move Fast. You can do that with a Pilot project. Start with a single machine. Let us work with you to prove the value of the solution.

Quick Setup

You can start getting visibility into your plant floor immediately. We configure the package, install it for you, and provide key training on the SensrTrx. By the end of the day you’ll have valuable data in your hands for making critical plant floor decisions.

$4,850 for the Entire Package

This product contains everything you need for a single machine for under $5,000 in Year 1. You will receive the pre-configured hardware, software licenses, and live training with one of our engineers. Additionally, we perform the whole installation. In Year 2 the price decreases by more than half.

Get Visibility into the Plant with SensrTrx, and Explore Everything You Need to Reduce Downtime, Improve On-Time Delivery, and Increase Profitability


Answering your most frequently asked questions

Do I need to connect everything or can Ectobox do it?

Ectobox is happy to do the installation. This works well to ensure quick and efficient installation. If you prefer to do it yourself for whatever reason, then we can configure all of the products ahead of time, ship them directly to you, and guide you through the installation process remotely.

Can you integrate with my ERP system?

Yes, we can integrate with nearly any ERP system. We provide a managed integration service that can integrate with ERP, CMMS, and many other manufacturing software systems.

Is our data secure?

Yes, your data is very secure because we don’t need access to your network. We only need an outbound Internet connection. Additionally, all of your data is encrypted in transit and at rest. SensrTrx is as secure as your network security today because we are sending data only out of your facility and the data is stored in a secured, dedicated public cloud (AWS) environment.

What is the implementation process like?

Our process for implementation focuses on quality, speed, and training for our customers. We bring in our best machine connectivity engineers, spec out the process ahead of time to alleviate issues, and thoroughly test everything at the end to ensure the solution works as promised.

How will SensrTrx monitor my production process?

The sensors and gateway devices will gather data from the machine. Additionally, operators can interact directly with the easy-to-use Operator Interface of SensrTrx to select a next job, select downtime reasons, etc. All of this data is pushed to the SensrTrx platform, processed, and made available to you in real-time. With this data you’ll have the ability to gain insights into what is going on at the plant floor in real-time.  You can track availability of the machines, reduce downtime, determine root causes of issues, correlate process data with downtime and scrap, and increase production capacity and throughput, all in real-time with SensrTrx.

What does the out of the box solution include?

The solution includes:

  • 1 Lead SensrTrx license
  • 1 Light beam counter (fiber optic sensor) or Photoelectric sensor
  • 1 Wireless gateway
  • 1 Amazon Firestick
  • Ectobox installation services by an expert engineer

Is there a mobile/iPad version of your product?

Yes, there is a native iPad version of SensrTrx with full functionality. Additionally, SensrTrx works well on other 10-inch tablets with a modern web browser. There is also a smartphone app of SensrTrx with quick plant overview features.

    How It Works


    We will configure all of the products ahead of time, confirm the installatop process, date, and time.


    The work of training and SensrTrx and installation of the sensors and gateway go hand-in-hand. Before we’re done you’ll have data flowing into SensrTrx and will have visibility directly into the plant floor. 

    Success Meeting

    Communication is a key to success. We will communicate throughout the process and follow up after to ensure the solution is valuable. 

    Call Us: 412.923.3002

    Give us a call, we’ll briefly discuss the situation and the machine, and quickly get you setup for installation

    It is rare that one can partner with such a standout consulting organization like Ectobox. Ectobox ’s ability to balance our business needs with the technical challenges has made a dramatic difference in our overall success. Second to none in honesty and integrity.

    Michael Cheselka

    Director of Information Technology, NCS

    HFT has worked with Ectobox for over 20 years. Ectobox has a reliable and well-established staff that can easily take the requirements for a project and turn it into a reality swiftly. Ectobox has helped grow our organization through consistent and industry appropriate solutions.

    Tracy Hawkins

    Director of Purchasing, Henry F. Teichmann, Inc.

    From project scoping and research through solution implementation, the consultants at Ectobox were thorough and deliberate each step of the way. Starline Service Group is now positioned to exploit new markets and have scaled.

    Chris Meyer

    Director, Field Services Division, Universal Electric Corporation

    Henry F. Teichmann inc.
    Universal Electric Corporation

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