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Three Reasons Why Customers Like Great Customer Service

I have found that one of a few big reasons that customers stick with us is our great customer service. I have discovered this through conversations and through surveying customers with Survey Monkey, that they really like and really want great customer service. For our custom software business that means providing them with: Quick responses Solid technical […]

What methods are used to estimate custom software?

There are two primary methods to estimate and propose custom software projects that we hear about. Those methods are: Fixed cost – The development team may attempt to estimate the time and costs related to creating a software application. The estimates are normally generated using a requirements specification document, which defines what to create in […]

Rewrite or not?

We face this question, “Rewrite or not?” with customers every year. “We have a custom software application written by [ABC company or programmer] in [XYZ technology]. It works but it has problems. Should we keep it alive and continue modifying it? Or should we start from scratch again and rewrite it?” That is a very […]

When to estimate a software project’s cost?

Here are several questions and answers regarding estimating custom software application projects with companies. This topic is something I have spent a lot of time thinking about over the past years. Keep in mind, the idea here is to start the conversation early about a software project. Q: When should a software developer or company […]

The #1 Key to Custom Software Project Success

The #1 key to the success of custom software projects, in my humble opinion, is open communication. If the developer and the customer aren’t openly communicating on any number of levels, the project will fail. The only question then is how severe will the failure be. There are a few areas I think are extremely […]

A good perspective on Big Data for smaller companies

I follow the 37 Signals blog regularly. A great bunch of very smart people doing good work. Noah at 37 Signals ate crow. He used to think Big Data was a bunch of bull for companies that don’t have the massive sets of data like Facebook, Google et al. He changed his perspective on Big […]

How to Get QuickBooks Data in Microsoft Access

Wouldn’t it be cool to have your great Microsoft Access database application have some reports displaying data from your QuickBooks file? It is possible without much work and, in some cases, even less money. I’ll briefly discuss a couple products you can use to work with QuickBooks data in an Access database. But keep in […]

Can really large, diverse projects succeed?

Yes, large, extremely diverse projects can succeed. Assuming this post is true, this project sounds amazing. I’d love to know more about it. Check it out: http://blog.appfog.com/what-the-obama-it-team-teaches-us-about-polyglot-programming/ Regardless of who you would prefer to have in the Oval Office, this project sounds like it was an amazing success. This sentence sums it up for me: […]