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Why should your manufacturing company look at the Internet of Things?

Your manufacturing company likely has business goals which include growing revenue, margins, and profits, as well as beating out the competition. In today’s market, those goals are increasingly difficult to achieve.  Companies must continue to become more efficient, increase output, work for more demanding customers, work under increasing regulations, all the while continuing  to earn […]

Ectobox Launches Internet of Things (IoT) Service

IoT Business Transformation Plan Launched Targets Growth-Minded Manufacturers Ectobox, Inc., a custom software development firm specializing in the manufacturing industry, announced the launch of its Internet of Things (IoT) Business Transformation Plan for manufacturers today. The Internet of Things, or IoT, refers to data that is pulled from devices or machines (“things”) and then securely […]

How to Measure the Value of IoT

 How to Measure the Value of IoT Are you wondering if you should tackle IoT (Internet of Things), or if you should start developing an Internet of Things product? The answer lies in whether the IoT aspect of the product can be valuable to your company. Many companies start IoT projects because their competition is […]