What technical solutions do startups need?

In a post on November 20 I suggested that there are many startup companies out there that aren’t able to create the technical parts of their new product or service on their own. This is in opposition to the many startups started by technology experts or geeks that can create their own solutions for their startup.

I was referring mostly to startups that need a web application, and mobile app, or some other software or hardware technology solution that is integral to their new product or service offering.

This post will be the first of the series of short posts about startups creating their new product or service with technology involved.

The first task is to briefly define what kind of technical solutions we’re referring to. That’s pretty easy. They can be summarized as follows:

  • Web application
  • Mobile app
  • Desktop application
  • Physical devices

Most often the technical solution startups need or at least think they need is a custom web application or more often a custom mobile application. This application would be the tool with which their customers interface with the startup, consume content, interact with data, and possibly make payments as customers.

These web and mobile solutions can be created as HTML5/CSS3 web applications with Responsive design to provide one solution for both platforms. Sometimes creating the mobile apps as actual applications for each platform (iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, etc) are necessary. The choice depends on a number of factors, the discussion of which is worth multiple blog posts…so I can’t get into that here.

There are some startups that would need to have a custom desktop application created. These are often applications with more complex functionality than can be executed on the web, or where the target audience requires or expects the solution to be provided as a desktop computer application.

Lastly, there are startups that not only need some of those solutions, but also need to have physical devices created for their solution. I’ll skip discussing physical devices since that’s not our area of expertise.

We’re in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh is making a come back in many ways including the economy, a technology education and solutions hub, and a healthy startup community. At Ectobox we have been getting more and more requests from startups of various types to discuss potential solutions to create. It’s almost one startup a week that we talk with about what can be done. It’s definitely an exciting time in Pittsburgh and a great time to be in our line of business.

In the next post I’ll discuss who can create the technical solutions that startups create. There are a lot of options to consider. Til then…