Can non-geek startups get suitable software solutions?

When you think of a startup company, you often think of young girls and guys who are serious computer geeks that can create a software solution around which to build a great new business

They’re often CMU and Standford grads…people who can create their own, unique web applications, desktop application, mobile apps, etc. Those applications can do all kinds of fun and crazy-cool things. They look awesome and make for a promising and valuable business.

But this idea that only the computer geeks can create a startup is a myth. There are plenty of young people, and not so young people, who have great ideas to start a new business, but aren’t geeks. These people have fantastic ideas, know what needs to be created, but aren’t able to do it themselves.

That’s fine, that’s not a problem. The technical or software solutions can still be created. The question is how. Once you start thinking about the how, a bunch of other questions come up, such as what features, who will do it, how will it be paid for, etc.

I’ll be writing a series of posts on this topic to flesh out the ideas on how startups can get their own technical solutions to startup their business.

The series will follow this approximate trajectory (which may change mid-flight):

  1. What are the technical solutions startups often need
  2. Who can create those solutions
  3. What should be created, and shouldn’t be created
  4. How to get it done
  5. Where will the money come from

Hopefully this short series will be useful.