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Thousands of IIoT Devices to choose from, which one Fits You?

Thousands of IIoT Devices to choose from, which one Fits You? The manufacturing industry is constantly growing, and evolving quickly. There are lots of ways for you to improve your efficiency on the plant floor. IIoT devices are the key to making this happen in today’s market. Those devices enable you to gather data directly […]

Why Data Driven Manufacturing gives You the Competitive Edge

What is Data-Driven Manufacturing? Data-Driven Manufacturing is leveraging data gathered from the plant floor so that everyone in the plant from operators to COO’s can adjust and make improvements to the overall manufacturing process. Data from your equipment allows everyone to make confident decisions based on solid information.  There are many ways that you can […]

Should you consider Lean Manufacturing?

Should you consider Lean Manufacturing? Lean manufacturing focuses on creating an efficient, effective organization. Properly using Lean principles and techniques as a manufacturer allow that manufacturer to reduce waste, create more customer value, increase revenue and profits of the company, and more. In this blog post, we will discuss what it is, where it came […]

IoT in Manufacturing: Is IoT a Long Term Solution?

What is IoT in Manufacturing? Simply put, the Internet of Things (IoT) is the use of tools to gather data from manufacturing equipment, people, and other systems to get the right information to the people and machines who need it, where they need it, and when they need it. The idea of this right information […]

Is Becoming a Digital Factory Worth the Investment?

What is a Digital Factory? Let’s first define exactly what a Digital Factory is. A Digital factory simply is a production facility where all of the information and data is shared. This means the people are sharing data, but also the machines are all connected to the same network. In even simpler terms, just no […]

What is Industry 4.0, and how does it help you?

What is Industry 4.0, and how does it help you? Industry 4.0 is the fourth Industrial Revolution. Basically, we are taking everything from Industry 3.0, and optimizing it with modern, smart technology. Industry 3.0 allowed us to replace processes formerly done by humans, with machines and automation with some robots. This was a massive breakthrough, but […]

Impact of Accurate Data for Lean Projects

Impact of Accurate Data for Lean Projects Exec Summary Many small manufacturers struggle with successful Lean efforts. Often the cause is bad data. Industrial IoT solutions can drive improvements in Lean efforts by providing accurate, real-time data. The data comes from remotely monitoring production, scrap, equipment downtime, processes, and waste in the production system with […]

How to Reduce Machine Downtime in 2021

How to Reduce Machine Downtime in 2021 Manufacturers all across the world are focused on trying to reduce machine downtime. Why? Because it is one of the biggest obstacles to overcome in the manufacturing industry, and expensive to deal with. From the machine itself to the product that is not being produced, this valuable time […]