4 Best Sources of Data for IIoT solutions

Does your IIoT / Data Driven Manufacturing (DDM) solution have good sources of data? Or are you considering these sources if you’re looking at IIoT?

Too often we see very small, cheap IIoT solutions put in place that have nothing more than a CT sensor to pull data. They can usually get production counts and machine utilization but that’s it.

Try these 4 sources of data on for size:

  • Wireless Sensors: We like to use non-invasive sensors from Banner Engineering (great, solid, well recognized national company) to get data from a variety of machines new and old. They’re great for a non-invasive approach for getting data when you’re not aloud by maintenance or the machine manufacturer to open it up and get inside. They’re also great because they make it straight forward to get data from legacy machines…even if it’s turn of the century…the previous century.
  • Direct Connection: When it’s possible and when you need more data from inside a machine, like a PLC or a controller of a CNC machine, then you can pull data there as well. We typically use an IoT gateway (i.e., an industrial PC) to run software for connecting to the machine, pulling the data out, and sending it on it’s way to SensrTrx or other IIoT platforms.
  • ERP Systems: ERP systems can be a great source of data like part data, production schedules, and standard cycle times. This data adds incredibly valuable context to the data coming from the machines and the operator. A much richer set of real-time data is then available for viewing, analysis, and decision-making.
  • Operators: Let’s not forget some of the most important people in a manufacturing plant, the machine operators (aka manufacturing technicians, manufacturing engineers). They can be a great source of data if you have an operator interface like Sensrtrx.