An Investment that Returns 10-20% in Year One

pexels-photo-265087In 2017 Ectobox debuted its Business Services Division, a dedicated group of developers focused on providing business intelligence and reporting solutions to growth-driven businesses.

What is “business services”?

It’s taking care of the ‘business end’ of software development – by integrating data from multiple internal and external sources and manipulating it to create targeted reports or dashboards. We start with the specific business questions you are trying to answer and then analyze the data with powerful, sophisticated analytics tools.

When would I need this kind of data work?

Clients choose Ectobox business services because

  1. They have a unique business situation and need to know what’s going on – for example, needing to understand why it is taking them so long to get products out the door, or why a conversion rate is low.
  2. They want to watch specific KPIs to help managers understand performance and do better. Ectobox creates reports that identify, track, and monitor the primary economic drivers of business (uptime, injury rate, products shipped, etc. In this case, we create live, real-time dashboards.

Why is this important?

When you add this level of R&A to your business, you can identify and impact the most important revenue drivers in your company and increase your profit/bottom line by 10-20% in the first year following implementation. That increase compounds and grows exponentially each year because you are operating more and more efficiently and effectively. It’s one of the most predictable and profitable investments you can make in your company.