Software is a Cornerstone of Growth Companies

Business Growth

Business Growth

I had a great conversation with a gentleman last week. It was such a great conversation that feel compelled to quote him, with his permission.

He said, “If you want to grow a business you have to have a good foundation to make it happen. Software is a cornerstone of that foundation.” That was George Farrell, Director of Operations, Perryman Co.

George and I were talking the other day about his company, the value we can add creating custom software applications and business intelligence/reporting solutions for construction and manufacturing companies. He talked about their software applications used in-house, how they changed to adapt better software tools and practices, and implementing them deeply into the company. George gave an example where one person today is able to produce several times more output compared to what she used to create several years ago. She is able to get the work done in less time and with greater accuracy.

That is fantastic! That is truly what is supposed to happen in a business…efficiencies increase and the team works as much or less so they can focus on more important work.

I believe this is a strong sign of a company that is experiencing solid growth and improvement, and likely delivering immense value to their clients and financial stakeholders (i.e., owners, shareholders, partners, etc.).

How did they do this? By realizing the value of getting the software and the business to fit together like a glove. If a company realizes how important software can be to their success, they will then do the work necessary to have a phenomenal implementation. That requires:

  1. Having a vision of how the company will operate
  2. Confirming in honest and open internal conversations that software is appropriate to reach milestones in their growth towards their vision
  3. Defining the optimal outcomes of of implementing a software application
  4. Determining what software fits their needs best (off-the-shelf or custom, or a combination of both) through deep assessments and evaluations
  5. Working together as a whole company team to get the software embedded into their every day operations
  6. All team members using the software the way it was intended

Only then can a company with growth aspirations know they’re on the path to success. Make software a cornerstone of the foundation of a growing company.